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Rossopomodoro and Ham Holy Burger to open in John Lewis


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There is a beauty unique to Naples.

There’s something instantly recognisable about Neapolitans. Instantly recognisable, but not easily defineable. It took me many hours spent in Rossopomodoro, a few days in Naples and a very insistent Scot to understand the Neapolitan look.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 15.23.59

Being from the South of Italy, the Neapolitans are generally darker skinned and darker haired than their Northern countrymen. They also have these big, bright eyes, dark brown and bright white. This makes for an arresting and quite unique look.

Neapolitan Faces

A portrait of a Neapolitan lady hangs in the Galleria di Palazzo Zavallos Stigliano in Naples and the woman depicted is described as a typical Neapolitan beauty. The portrait of a young man, with his deep, dark eyes, dark, curly hair and distinctive nose perfectly  portrays the Neapolitan look.

neapolitan look 08

neapolitan look 06

Some attribute this unique look to the influence of the Spanish rule of the city in the 16th and 17th centuries, some to the proximity of Africa. Whatever is the reason, these Neapolitans are striking, unique and instantly recognisable.

Rossopomodoro is Neapolitan

Rossopomodoro – we are not just Italian, we are from Napoli!

Ciao, Abbie!