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San Gennaro – a Neapolitan miracle and a good reason to celebrate.

As is the way with history, facts are pretty hazy, but the gist of it is this. San Gennaro, who was Bishop of Naples in the 3rd century, was persecuted and martyred in the Diocletion persecution and subsequently became the patron saint of Naples.

By way of events and things, there is now a phial of the saint’s blood kept in the city of Naples and brought out for processions, one of which is held today, 19 September – the anniversary of his death.


Traditional portrait of San Gennaro.

SAN Gennaro_per_l'eruzione_del_1631

The eruption of Vesuvius with the procession of San Gennaro as depicted by 17th century Neapolitan artist Domenico Gargiulo.

The legend goes that at each procession, the content of the phial turns to liquid – the miracle of San Gennaro. This is believed to be a good thing and meant to protect Naples from Vesuvius erupting. According to local wisdom, there have been five times the blood has not liquified and on each occasion Naples has suffered disaster.

Naples Cathedral small

Naples cathedral is known as Cattedrale di San Gennaro in honour of the saint.

During the plague in the 16th century, the elect of Naples looked to their patron saint for protection for the city. A huge collection of jewellery was donated to the saint (though he had been dead for a thousand years) and prayers were offered for safety. Today the collection is one of the biggest and most valuable in the world and belongs to the people of Naples.

treasures of san gennaro

One of the treasures of San Gennaro.

All this seems like a very good reason to head on over to Rossopomodoro and celebrate the safe-keeping of the city of Naples the best way we know how – by indulging in some great pizza!

Ciao, Abbie!