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Rossopomodoro Stilla Chilli Olive Oil Dressing (25cl)



t: +44 (0) 7850 546 242 e: Rossopomodoro and Ham Holy Burger to open in John Lewis Petition to add pizza to UNESCO protected...

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Mother’s Day

mamma day dessert

Let us treat your mum on Mother’s Day. As we say back in Italy there is only one mum, so we thought to create a...

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Something fishy…

RPD Social | Porta-Nolana 3

Napoli’s Porta Nolana fish market is crowded, chaotic, noisy and frenetic so, if you enjoy jostling, relish a riot, love it loud and fancy a...

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And the winner is…


This Sunday sees the biggest night in the film industry’s year – it’s the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. We reckoned this would...

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St Valentine – The facts, the legend… the pizza


Let‘s be honest, these days February 14 is a day for expressing love for your sweetheart in a slushily romantic way with big shiny cards,...

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Napoli’s masterpiece

RPD Social | Gallerie-d'Italia –4

The Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, Napoli’s Gallerie d’Italia, is as much a masterpiece as the works of art it houses. The ceiling details are astounding, so...

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Learn how to make a perfect neapolitan pizza with us


On Tuesday March 31st join our pizza making masterclass, to learn the secrets of the perfect pizza from our senior pizza chef Domenico Luongo at Rossopomodoro at O2...

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