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Valentine has never been so tasty!

If we had to choose a thing we are majorly obsessed with, that thing would be the art of spreading love. Love is at the heart of every single pizza and dish that comes out of our kitchens. So when love calls we reply promptly. This year, we're celebrating with an epic special menu that would warm up the coldest of hearts. Stay tuned for our 2024 menu including free hugs all day, a loving atmosphere and a serenade here and there when needed… All that for just £90 per couple! There are many ways of saying ‘I love you’, but one, in particular, will evoke each of our 5 senses, food. Now, if that food happens to be a heart-shaped multi-flavoured pizza? …'IRRESISTIBLE ' is what comes to mind. Valentine's has never been so tasty. Book your table now and specify in the booking if you want to reserve a special Valentine's menu.


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